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Sergeant Frank Aguirre​
Administrative Training Officer
630-406-7375 Office

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.​

Welcome to the Citizens Police Academy​

The Kane County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for the first night  of the 2017 Spring Citizens Police Academy.  Courses are being conducted each Thursday evening beginning March 16 through May 18.  The Sheriff's Office believes in providing education on the various aspects of law enforcement and giving citizens fresh insight into how the Office operates in the community we serve. 

The Citizens Police Academy is a ten-week course taught by seasoned Sheriff's Deputies.  This dynamic course provides citizens with an insight into the daily operations of law enforcement.  Each instructor develops his/her own class curriculum addressing subjects such as a tour of the Kane County Adult Justice Center, an overview of KaneComm "911," a K-9 demonstration, a discussion on modern policing and mental health issues, as well as an evening with the officers from the Bomb, Arson, and Evidence Division.  Many other important topics are covered during the ten-week course.   ​

The Kane County Sheriff's Office Citizens Police Academy is a program designed to spark the enthusiasm needed to build police/community partnerships.  Citizens will take away a better understanding of the challenges and rewards that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis.  In addition, this is an opportunity for our officers to become engaged in the community through education on a personal level.  Through this and many other programs – we look forward to strengthening and building relationships in the community.  Teachers, community leaders, neighborhood watch leaders, elected officials, and students pursuing a degree in criminal justice will find this course to be an excellent resource.   

The Kane County Sheriff's Office Citizens Police Academy is offered free of charge and is operated through the dedication and commitment of its volunteer officers.  A criminal background check is conducted prior to admittance.  Applications are being accepted for the 2017 Spring Kane County Sheriff's Office Citizens Police Academy, please complete the form below.  

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